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Solid Area Rugs

When you want to make a bold statement, a solid area rug is the perfect addition to your decor. Our solid-color rugs come in a very wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and pile heights. This makes it easy to find a solid area rug to suit your design needs.

Contemporary designers use solid rugs in blue to create a clean and casual environment. A blue solid rug will add vibrance to your room without sacrificing comfortability. Depending on the shade blue also has the flexibility of being the focal point or can play a support role when paired with white or lighter colors.

A red solid rug is absolutely energizing and will fill your living space with an attention grabbing glow that only red can create. Red solid rugs are versatile enough to accentuate modern or traditional décor making them an excellent option for many households.

A solid rug's brilliance is in its simplicity. If the color you select matches or compliments your color scheme then its well worth the investment.

Shop our gorgeous collection of solid rugs today and give your home a colorful and comfortable upgrade.