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Clearance Rugs

If you want to add a lot of comfort to your home without subtracting a lot from your wallet then check out our clearance rugs. Many of the same gorgeous area rugs that have been featured in our premium collections are now available at an unbelievable discount. Our clearance rugs are high quality, durable and gorgeous all while saving you a pretty penny at checkout.

Our closeout rugs are up to a whopping 60% off. You won't believe your eyes when you see the vibrant and luxurious rugs we have available at rock bottom prices. Choose from a wide selection of durable and energizing outdoor rugs, or redesign your living space with a discount modern rug. You won't want to miss the opportunity for huge savings.

Check out our flash deals for instant savings on limited time offers. These rugs will add a new level of comfort to your home just as quickly as they'll save you money, making our flash deals selection of clearance rugs a must see.

Check out our selection of perfectly priced clearance rugs today!