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Natural Area Rugs

For a rug that's equal parts organic and beautiful, a natural area rug fits the bill perfectly. Natural rugs are made up of materials that occur naturally in nature such as hemp, wool, sisal, cotton or jute. These rugs give rooms an incredibly grounded feel as soon as they're unrolled and tie together your modern or traditional furniture perfectly.

Our chunky jute natural rugs are an organic way to add some understated comfort and style to your living space. These rugs come in comfortable earthy tones that go great with neutral tones and do an amazing job of tying a room together. The unbound edges add a unique fashionable element to your room by defying traditional symmetry and opting for unconventional comfort.

Chindi rugs are another gorgeous variety of natural rugs. Our collection of braided chindi rugs are ultra-colorful and are sure to add some serious vibrance to your home. These natural rugs come in many dimensions making finding one to fit any number of living spaces a guarantee.

Do your home and the environment some good by browsing our collection of natural rugs today and finding one that works for you.