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Oval Rugs

Oval rugs imbue your home with a natural sense of welcome and warmth thanks to their inherently inviting shape. An oval is a naturally playful and carefree shape meant to inspire and stretch our imaginations with creativity. An oval area rug isn't bound by standard shape and dimensions, making it perfect for interior design that breaks rules and pushes boundaries.

Oval rugs are perfect for nurseries and children's rooms. Placed directly in the center of the room it becomes the central design element extending its welcoming aura to the surrounding décor. With colors being a very important piece of a child's room a solid or striped oval area rug would be ideal. These patterns allow for particular colors to take the forefront continuing in the room's central theme.

These rugs also do a great job of adding new life to your bathroom décor thanks to their long and slim design. An oval area rug in your bathroom is very versatile when it comes to positioning, leaving you with lots of wiggle room for placement. If the bathroom is your choice you'll want to make sure the oval rug is made of the right material to withstand continuous moisture.

Tap into your playful, yet artistic sense of style and browse our collection of oval rugs now.