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9x12 rugs

Make a statement in any room with a 9x12 rug from eSaleRugs. A rug of this size will immediately breathe life into ordinary spaces and turn any classically designed décor into a fashion forward masterpiece.

Adding a 9x12 rug to a tile or wood surface can imbue a sense of serious relaxation, turning the area from unforgiving to utterly inviting. A 9x12 area rug in a transitional style uses its dimensions to express its bold colors and traditional patters in a way that almost no other rug can. This rug placed under a queen or king sized bed adds an awe inspiring symmetrical finish turning your bed from a place to rest to a place to envy.

Wanna upgrade your outdoor space in a hurry? A 9x12 outdoor rug is exactly what you need to add vibrance and comfort to your outdoor area. Paired with a complimentary set of outdoor furniture a 9x12 rug brings indoor elegance into the open air turning your porch or patio into a family favorite for dining or entertainment.

Shop our awesome collection now and discover a new level of style and comfort for your home.