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4x6 Rugs

If you want to give a high traffic area in your home a facelift while giving the floor some serious protection, then a 4x6 rug from eSaleRugs is just what you're looking for.

Our high quality, stain resistant polypropylene 4x6 rugs add the perfect pop of color and elegance while protecting your carpet, tile or wood flooring from the kids and pets you love so much. Our 4x6 outdoor rugs are perfect for adding an element of functional design to your deck, patio, balcony or sunroom. Not only will it provide add aesthetic appeal but also help protect from the harsh elements as well.

A 4x6 rug's versatility lies in its convenient size. Its not so big that it commands immediate attention but its not small enough to go unnoticed. Its one of the ideal sizes for completing one of the tasks rugs are intended to complete and that's to compliment and accentuate your furniture choice.

Its also large enough for bigger dogs to lay on and can give your feet some relief and comfort from walking on tile or wood floors consistently.

We have modern, natural, vintage and many other styles of 4x6 rugs available. Check out our huge selection of 4x6 area rugs and treat yourself to comfort and protection without breaking the bank.