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Gray Rugs

A gray rug adds a touch of sophistication to your living space and can be quite versatile thanks to its generous amount of shades. The bold presence of black mixed with the elegance of white gives you a hue that radiates comfort and can easily be complimented with more vibrant tones.

A 2x3 light gray rug will perfectly complement smaller bright or neutral colored furniture. It accentuates neutral colored furniture while cooling and grounding brighter furniture by neutralizing its natural vibrance. An abstract gray rug gives you the best of two worlds, blending out of the box creative patterns with the subdued, naturally calming nature of gray.

For the ultimate in comfort you can use a gray shag rug in your living or family room. These rooms are already intended for comfort so adding a medium to dark gray tone paired with the relaxing feel of shag will take your space to a whole new level.

Dive into our beautiful collection of gray area rugs and find what fits your home best.