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Black Rugs

A black rug fills a room with elegance and style while at the same time gracefully handing the spotlight to brighter colors. It's the strongest of the neutral colors and is often associated with a more formal environment but can be welcoming as well when paired with offsetting tones.

Thanks to its naturally edgy and bold nature a black rug is often the easiest way to make a fashion forward statement in your home. When combined with white it presents itself as modern and high end giving your living space an upscale make over. When combined with grey it has an aura of durable yet fashionable functionality.

Black rugs hide dirt and stains very well making them an awesome addition to any high traffic part of your house. You'll not only be protecting your precious surface underneath but you'll look sleek and stylish while doing so. This also makes black area rugs perfect for outdoors as well. Pets, family or weather conditions that wear on the rug will go almost unnoticed if the rug is properly cared for.

We have black rugs in modern, country, floral and many other styles so check out our huge selection and find the right rug for you.