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Green Area Rugs

Our beautiful green rugs are guaranteed to bring a new level of harmony and balance into your interior décor thanks to their naturally calm and down to earth feel. Light green rugs have a bit of a playful and lighthearted personality while darker shades tend to radiate stability and dependability.

Green means growth and new beginnings, two themes that are welcomed in just about every household. The green area rugs from the trellis collection utilize multiple hues of green and combine them perfectly to create an open air feel in almost any room.

A green area rug is very much in its natural habitat outdoors and makes your porch or patio seating area one stable harmonious unit. The great outdoors will feel closer then ever when you pair one of our green rugs with light deck furniture. The gorgeous green hues will accentuate the lighter colors and add the perfect amount of pop to your outdoor fixtures.

Check out our gorgeous, well priced selection when you add a little green to your home and save yourself some green in the process.