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Blue Rugs

A blue area rug can be absolutely energizing and refreshing. A light blue hue is one of the most inviting shades there is, while a dark blue can bring new energy with its natural sense of strength and reliability. A blue rug is at its absolute best when paired with white or lighter grays. This allows blue to act as the primary color in the combination and add the perfect amount of pizzazz to any living space.

In our modern collection of blue rugs you'll see blue paired with a number of colors thanks to its ability to be in the fore or background in almost any color combo. This allows you a world of flexibility when choosing designs and color schemes as blue compliments a majority of colors.

As tradition has shown, blue rugs are to this day still ideal for a child's room. Certain shades of blue are very playful and bring a since of youth to the room. A solid blue rug is awesome for this very purpose. Doubling down on your son's blue color scheme is a fashionable way to say you're proud of your little guy and gives him the comfort he deserves.

Shop our amazing collection of blue rugs and find the one that speaks to you.