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It’s no secret that the most classic and durable rugs available are hand-knotted rugs. Most famous in Persian rugs, this hand-knotting technique can be utilized in a variety of styles and shapes of rugs.

Each hand knotted rug listed on was crafted using this centuries-old technique. Each is handmade on a specialty loom and is completely unique. Made from the highest quality natural materials such as wool and silk, these rugs are crafted carefully to last more than a lifetime — many hand-knotted rugs have been known to last for centuries!

When selecting such a long-lasting rug, it’s important to select a style that suits your home and taste now, and for years. Fortunately, hand knotted rugs come in nearly endless varieties. This rug-making technique originated in Persia, and many of these rugs still come from that region — thus the popularity and fame of “Persian rugs.” Persian rugs are extremely rich and classic in appearance. They typically incorporate warm, classic colors, as well as intricate floral designs. Oriental rugs are another common style of hand-knotted rug, produced in many regions, including Morocco and India. Oriental rugs come in a wide variety of patterns, shapes, and colors, including many bold geometrical and colorful designs. Due to their diversity of design, Oriental rugs can be found to suit nearly any room, from rustic to traditional to contemporary.

If you want a durable rug that will suit any space, browse our wide selection at With thousands of designs and colors to choose from, all hand-knotted in the highest quality, you will be sure to find the perfect rug to suit your home, now and for years to come.