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Jane Seymour 5' x 8' Open Hearts Rug

Retail Price: $476
Manufacturer's Discount Price: $238
Sale Price: $119

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Link to variation of this rug: SKU#3145418
Link to variation of this rug: SKU#3145418
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Jane Seymour has long lived by her mother's words of wisdom, "Only when you keep your heart open can you truly give and receive love." This advice became the inspiration for her Ripple Effect design in The Open Hearts by Jane Seymour Collection™, where an open heart reaches out to connect to someone else, that connects to someone else, thus creating a never-ending cycle of giving and receiving love.

Design: Open Hearts Collection

Pile Material: Machine Woven of Polypropylene

Brand new

Easy-to-clean, stain resistant, and does not shed

Colors include: Ivory, Gray, Red, Violet. The primary color is Ivory.

Pile Height: 1/3"

Size FT: 5' 0" x 8' 0"

Size CM: 152 cm x 244 cm

SKU #: 33145418

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